LYN Atelier

140 Tabernacle Street
London EC2A 4SD
+44 (0) 207 0434 614

We were asked by Argent to reuse the roof structure of an installation we designed in December 2014 to create the Panarmonium. This deployable bar and stage space is designed to be easily put up and taken down and has an inner and outer curtain to create an enclosed or open space below an inflatable roof. The design is based on the original ‘Panarmonium’ a theatre and pleasure garden that was intended to be built in Kings Cross in 1832. The graphic treatment and colour pallet on the curtains and signage were developed from the structure’s Victorian inspiration.

LYN_Atelier_Panarmonion_Argent_01 LYN_Atelier_Panarmonion_Argent_02 A3 (2) A3 - 600 LYN_Atelier_Panarmonion_Argent_05