LYN Atelier

140 Tabernacle Street
London EC2A 4SD
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We worked as part of the team at Southbank Centre that conceived the concept, look, feel and design of Southbank Centre’s celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain.
With particular expertise in the creation of narrative experiences and the ability to work across and with different disciplines we moved on to design the ‘beacons’ and a ‘boundary’ around the site in collaboration with designer Michael Marriott and the in-house graphics team.
We wanted to create a language that felt accessible, familiar and welcoming to the visitor that created a narrative for them to follow as they explored the 21 acre site.
We chose air conditioning ductwork to create beacons around the site, using an object not usually found in a public space as a way of ensuring the beacons stood out in the large site.
This image shows a 6 metre high beacon made from air conditioning ductwork with a graphic treatment. The beacons acted as wayfinding along with yellow fabric wrapping.
We used fabric wraps with a carefully chosen collection of words evoking ‘Britishness’. This project continues an exploration into how we can activate and augment public space with ‘soft architecture’ to bring out the depth, heritage and narrative that often already exists.