LYN Atelier

140 Tabernacle Street
London EC2A 4SD
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Created for the Barbican Centre, the Cycling Machine is an interactive cycle ride through London. The machine takes the rider on a journey with sound, sketches and film as they pedal on an interactive bicycle. Content for the journeys is collected through research trips in the local area and re-created by the machine. The faster you pedal the faster your trip!

The Cycling Machine promotes cycling as a great form of transport, ignites an interest in undiscovered regions of the city and inspires the user to embark on their own explorations. Designed in collaboration with Chris Knibbs. Programming: Liv Fanzen Each ‘machine’ presents a 5 minute cinematic experience in which the speed of the pedaling controls the pace of the experience. The content is an emotional and sensual reinterpretation of a ‘trip’ rather than a ‘virtual trip’ and is purposefully low-tech in order in inspire the user to embark on their own expeditions.

The project aims to quantify the ‘essence’ of an area or experience and re-interpret it to capture the culture, people and environment using video and sound.
The project continues an exploration into how we can interpret public space and community.