LYN Atelier

140 Tabernacle Street
London EC2A 4SD
+44 (0) 207 0434 614

A three bedroom family house on a limited budget near Vang in Norway.
The architecture reinterprets the traditional farm buildings from the area using simple forms with pitched roofs joined with continuous ridge and eaves lines and clad in timber left to weather into a silver grey colour. The house blends into the landscape, while remaining recognisably contemporary.
The building is carefully placed on the site to minimize its appearance, and directing the main panoramic window in the living room towards the view.
In the future the family will add a garage and a small annex, designed in the same simple style. These three buildings will are grouped so that they form an enclosure, inspired by the traditional “tun” formation of the rural buildings in the area.
The building is clad in Kebony, both on the walls and on the roof. The roof overhang is kept to a minimum, maintaining the monolithic form of the house.
The interiors are also kept simple with white oiled timber floors throughout, and a restrained material palate
The house consists of three distinct wings: one containing all the accommodation the second containing the kitchen, and the third the main living and dining areas.